Thursday, March 11, 2010

This is only for you , my friend , philospher and guide! This is not a day to celebrate friendship but with you everyday was a reason to celebrate!
You are probably everything that I am not, quiet, practical, organised , calm and collected. These were the same characteristics that repelled me against you , but after a point of time these motivated and inspired me.
Initially , I never got a chance to the know you because you never gave me a opportunity to know you. When circumstances were such that it was I was forced to talk to you and you were
forced to listen to me, I had an opportunity to know you.
Once when I fell down the road, you came running down the road with so much concern and tears in your eyes. I suffered that day but was relieved you were there.
That incident probably sealed our friendship. You were there to share the mess going on in my life. When everyday was such a struggle mentally, you helped me not to lose hope!
Many more incidents occured which kept proving me that you were one in a million.
As we started knowing each other more, we got into a number of altercations but each time you were the one to patch up.
Just when I thought I was so lucky, your separation is staring hard at my face. My eyes are filled with tears but I wipe them away thinking atleast I got to be with you for 3 years!
Your memories flash across me like a a flash of lightening making my lips broaden into a big smile! You would never read my blog (I know you hate reading blogs) yet I have no other alternative for sharing my thoughts on our wonderful friendship!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stupid I just want you to know
"U" were the most important part of our relationship.

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The saddest moment in my life is when I realised that u have left me because someone else came in ur life and I dont have to mention wat else happened..

I dont know what is so special about u.. I'm not telling that u r the most perfect girl in the world. But u were special.. Somehow I'm not able to get u out of mind.. Even after being a long distance away from you..

I still want you to be part of my life. I want back all my happiness back. I want u back..

Now a days u dont even consider me as a friend. I accept the mistakes that I had committed. I did all that because I was jealous. But I think u can understand my mindset..

As u wrote in ur blog..I'm not sure if u would read this.

I'm not writing this to blame u.. Just want to tell U never gave me a second chance..

5:14 AM  

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