Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Well, its been a while since i blogged(quite obvoius from the date). Anyways , the reasons may be many, but truth is I have started procrastinating . Another reason could be the transfer of a friend of mine who had inspired me to start a blog. Well, more into the habit of procrastination, I feel it has terribly destroyed my life. I feel each day is just the same as the previous. I get up, do the daily chores , go to work and and after coming home i fall flat on the bed(whatever time it is) and sleep like a log. There are few reasons which may induce me to stay awake , a movie or maybe some discussions with my family. Despite the time I go to sleep, I am unable to get up before 7 a.m. Added to that, the days I am at home, I struggle to keep my eyes open by 4 pm in the evening. Every night I open some novel, and my eyes automatically close and I will take aon oath that I will finish the novel the next day. Another thing I postpone is wishing people. When I get up, I remember that it is someone's birthday and then I think that I will wish by 8 , then I say maybe after breakfast, then after I reach office, then maybe during lunch and then the it becomes 9 pm . Then too, unless I know the person very well, I don wish at that time. This has led to complete frustration and I have resolved to bring my life back to order within the next month. Yes, if you are wondering how I have come to a conclusion so soon, it is because of a friend who claimed that the blogs I write are extremely long. Well owe this one to you, my friend!


Blogger Macho Girl said...

i invented procrastination!

Anyways, on a more serious note, i know what you mean. I dont travel around as much as you do but going to to lab and to classes each day drains me out so much, i keep promising myself to do so many different things but i somehow dont. Looks like you are not the only one who needs to put life back in order!

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