Monday, December 08, 2008

These are the outcomes of the session I had recently attended.
1.Even training can extend to 8!!
2.Cost cutting is also done on food (lunch).
3.They do not have the time to conduct a session for 5 days!!
4.The trainers may or may not have knowledge.
5.We should have access to the reviewer material to really understand if they have understand!!
6.What took 10 yrs for them to understand, is expected to be learnt in 4 days!!
7.Apparently we are not COMPETENT enough to comprehend the teachings!!
8.They all have authority to shout and demand attention not command respect.
9.All participants are subject to harassment (Eg: finish break in 3 min!!, otherwise you will sit late in the night)-refer point 1.
10.We are told to attend the sessions with a lot of seriousness, but they have the AUTHORITY to scrap off whatever they don’t want to conduct(rather not patient enough to conduct).

But I have to accept that there were a few sessions which were enlightening but that was partly due to the nature of the topic and the level of participation.