Thursday, October 26, 2006

I was clearing the papers in my drawer when i accidently discovered a folded paper inside a laminated cover. Lo! It turned out to be my learners license. I suddenly recollected that my learners license would expire by this month end and i had to get my permanent license. This license, which was suppose dto be lying inside my vehicle was happily sitting in my drawer. I had vowed to myself every morning that i would take it along but i never really found the time to search for it!
Anyways, with an innocent looking face i told my parents that i had to get my permanent license the next week itself. We had even lost that driving school's phone number. So that evening we rushed to that school and thankfully that lady said i could go for the test next week.
The monsoon season had begun but it was very bright and sunny that morning. My mother and me left to the RTO office by 8 30 in the morning. we were equipped with sunglasses and hats to protect ourselves from the heat. We were supposed to identify the man who was to help us out with license by a red Maruti car. We spotted the car in a road just behind the RTO ofiice. We waited patiently for half an hour but no one turned up. Finally we tried that man's cell number and he yelled at us saying he had asked us to come to the car which was standing inside the RTO ofiice!! then we had to pay some fees to the RTO people. After that we were asked to go the beach road for the test.
It was quite a deserted road at 12. There was just a small police booth which offered some shade. My mother sat there with a dupatte over her head and sunglasses to cover her eyes. I was busy practising how to make a 8 shape while driving.
Slowly, the sky darkened and soon big droplets fell on us Everyone rushed to that police booth and it soon turned out to be a shelter from the rain. Some people had brought cars for their driving test. An auto driver, who was speeding along in that road hit a car there and they started fighting in the rain, just before the police booth, which provided all of us with so much entertainment! This car driver refused to leave him unless he paid for the damages.
The RTO officer who was to take the test arrived in a car. We were all asked to sign in a register in which we had to separate the wet pages. The rain stopped for some time and he actually decided to take the driving test! All of us hurried to the spot and some of them managed to finish their test when the rain started pouring again. By the time we could gett down from the vehicle and run to some car we were all fully wet! This officer sat inside the car and attempted looking in the rear view mirror while all of us were actually driving there. I honestly do not know if he was looking but i did hear him call out names and checking if the person had come.
I was looking as though i had been dipped into water and just dropped there. I was wet, angry and hungry. Then there was a wait for the photo to be taken. Gosh! When i had a look at the photo, i thought it was someone else staring at me! To top it my birthday date had been typed wrong and i had wait another half an hour for him to rectify it. Then we slowly walked back to our vehicle and found it half sunk in water and the seats were obviously wet. Well, we were already drenched to bother about it. We finally went home without any other mishaps and we silently had lunch and hit the sack. No dreams, nothing....all i remember was my maid knocking the door desperately!!!!