Thursday, July 13, 2006

The action is done but we wait for the result of the action for two whole months. Yup, you guessed it right ....i am talking about my exam results!
I have no clue why i feel so demotivated to do anything today. Its an absolutely normal day but i am seeing every thing in a coloured way! Does that happen to all you people??
When ilooked at my face in the morning i went into an immediate flash back of the number of times i had woken up at wee hours in the morning to study and wondering if all that is going to be worth!! Ijust threw the thoughts and dressed up to get to class. But i happen to the same route as i used to when i was going to those classes. Hey. you must have guessed it....yes,flash back once again!
Now came the worst part. My friends!! All of them were talking about it. ah!! I kept thinking what i would be talking about one a half days later!!
I decided not to let my mind to wander!! I carried a novel with my to keep my company while i was travelling. Well, no use i just could not focus. I read two lines and off i went to my dream world!!or rather to my dreaded world of thoughts!
ANd then i sat in front of my give vent to my feelings.Generally after giving vent to your feelings you must feel the burden off you but exam results are never like that!!

Am i the only soul who is like this???