Monday, June 05, 2006

Our government keeps yelling its way out that every child should receive free education, rather a child's fundamental right. But nobody even specifies the term quality education. i will state a small example to convey what i precisely mean. My maid claims that her daughter studies in an English medium school.She requested my mother to help her out with her child's lessons. My mother promptly agreed and the classes soon began in full swing.
She was studying in standard 8 but as classes started we noticed something which we could not believe. She fared badly in all her subjects, i mean she had just managed to pass in all her subjects but gave her mother the impression that those marks were the highest possible. She could not answer even one word in english. its understandable that she may not talk to the extent of students studying in affluent schools. But she could not read even 'WAs' together.
thinking that she would be better off in other subjects, we carried on to take classes.But same was the case with other subjects.all i could wonder was how did she manage so long??? Soon i found out the real reason.....

In her broken 'TAmil'(note that)she said that if she attended the tuition classes her teachers took they would pass her off and that was she needed!!!!!

I mean is this real education our politicians sitting up there want???they will probably claim that so many children got educated. but what sort of education??? I mean children like these would know nothing . They just blindly attend classes, cursing their fate and return home without any gaining knowledge.Leave alone knowledge but they dont know the very ABC's of any subject!!!!